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Owls of Vistula Spit

In September 2011 after meeting of members of Drapolicz Association with Owl Conservation Association (SOS) an idea came into being to create a joint project Akcja Sowy Mierzei (Owls of Vistula Spit). The aim of the project is to identify population composition and migration dynamics of owls over the Vistula Spit. Since 28th October to 18th November 2011 Association of Migratory Birds Observers Drapolicz together with Owl Conservation Association organized initial bird-ringing camp in Przebrno, a place near Krynica Morska.
On the meadows near Wiejska street 200 meters of a net was positioned and thus divided the whole area of meadows by the Vistula Spit. During the camp 102 owls were captured (94 long-eared and 8 short-eared owls). Two of them had rings from abroad: Lithuania and Latvia. The obtained results confirm the huge significance of this region during migration time for this group of birds. Despite minor publicity, 45 volunteers took part in this event. It was an initial year and the cooperation of two associations will continue and will be a part of activities at Vistula Spit.


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