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Birds Files

The File gathers faunistical data which are highly important on a regional scale. The list of species of which information is collected together with database can be found in excel file that can be downloaded above. The information that is mostly collected concerns: rare and sparse (not numerous) breeding species, appearances of chosen not breeding species and birds of large accumulation. At the same time we also gather info about times of arrivals and departures of common species and about untypical phenological appearences. All the observations are put down according to a scheme: species, date (year-month-day), observer(s), spot of observation, closest place, biotope description, numer of species (age and sex if defined), possible remarks (eg. breeding criteria). 

Each observer by giving his data to the File of Birds of Pomeranian Ornithological Region expresses his consent for using them in Pomeranian Region monography that is being prepared. In case of using the data for other aims (eg. partial scientific descriptions, concerning chosen species or regions) each observer will be asked each time for giving consent for using his data. In case of publishing the observations, specific data will be signed. Below we present the area of effect of Pomerenian Ornithological Region.





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