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Section in which we publish interesting ornitological observations from around the areas of Zulawa, Vistula Spit and generally Eastern Pomerenian region. We deliver information about first and last birds' appearances, huge flocks, non typical cases, rare species recognitions. We would like to encourage you to share your interesting observation with us by sending photos, short films, info to biuro[at]
More information on interesting observations of the whole Pomerania is available on the website of Birds Files (cooperation and entering your own data is recommended).


Biegus arktyczny / Pectoral Sandpiper / Calidris melanotos
Data: 08-10-2013
Miejsce: Łaszka, gmina Sztutowo
Obserwator:  Piotr Zientek, Teresa Kozakiewicz
Komentarz: Młody osobnik.


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